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Meetup is a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. It was founded in 2002 by Chairman Scott Heiferman and four co-founders. The company was acquired by WeWork in 2017 and remains headquartered in New York City. WeWork sold it to AlleyCorp, an early stage NY-focused venture fund and incubator, in March 2020.

A frustrated user shared his experience, "I've been trying to delete my Meetup account which appears impossible because it keeps coming back asking me to designate other organizers. I've sent an email to which I receive canned responses but no one to contact directly. There is no number to speak to anyone. This is so incredibly frustrating. If you select Deactivate Account it makes you give someone else your group."


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Event Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities."

Hamm says

"The UI/UX is horrible. Trying to join a meeting is an exercise in frustration."

Ed says

" auto-renews & will not refund your payment if you cancel the day after renewal. This is not a good business. After 5 years of payments to them, a little consideration would be nice. Billing support? It’s an email that offer you a discount on your next billing cycle. That’s called “sales.” Also, the “service” they provide is very limited and >$10/month is excessive. I’d recommend steering clear of this organization. Participating in commerce with them perpetuates such practices. I’m just one man, but I’ll never use them again"

Jeremy says

"I tried to unsubscribed a thousand times already but I still receive their emails. I send a request to delete my account and I got confirmation that it was done and that I won't receive emails anymore. I kept sending them emails and message through Facebook but they now ignore me and keep "harrassing" me with their emails. I told them that I will give them one last chance to stop but they keep doing it so here is the bad review they deserved. I will write the same reviews on every website until you finally stop spamming me."

Callie Dompier says

"Cannot unsubscribe easily"

John Saunders says

"By far, the worst Experience that I have ever had with a Meetup Group in Columbus, Ohio was with a Group called, "CBUS Social Professionals 21-45," headed by Organizers, Mark Kido, Ross and Maurice. No one practiced COVID-19 Social Distancing Suggestions, people were extremely rude (Including the Organizers) and the Events were poorly coordinated. The entire Atmosphere was very Immature and Juvenile. I guess it's more a Casual Group for very young people in their early twenties but not one that can be taken seriously as a Legitimate Networking Group."

Sheila Aly says

"I ran 5 International groups on here - the first one starting 6 years ago.

During the pandemic, they have offered no support. Despite faithful service for a long time, they shut down 2 of my groups without notice, and with my biggest group, they gave it away to a stranger without notice. I was not sent a renewal notice to be able to stop this, and they have refused to respond to around 5 emails to sort all this out.

This is extremely disappointing as I built up these followings over 6 years. I have now been left in a position where I have no control over my own groups and/or they have been shut down without any notice, support or assistance from meetup.

Unfortunately, this company cannot be trusted. What started as a false sense of security has turned into a company that doesn't care about its customers, and ultimately destroys followings without any regard whatsoever."

J.. says

"There's no opportunity to rate groups before you've attended a meetup. I want to rate my experience of how a meetup organiser treated group members like rubbish! So 1 star to meetup!"

Australia says

"Right now when I write this message I arrive home from a very horrible and terrible and everything you can call it meeting from meetup. I guess this case is worst than anyone here. Take a moment to read. I live in Sydney Australia and an organiser by the name of George was arranging a group in Sydney for social group bla bla bla. Everything seems quite well normal at the first view. I arrive earlier at the meeting and people starting to come. It was planning to be 9 people but the number got increased more so I didn't bother. The meeting was taking place in a restaurant in Sydney. Everything went quite well at the beggining people socialise i listen to them talk to them a little eat drink all good. Then when the meeting was nearly close to the end I ended up speaking with a random guy there about a great opportunity for job which he personally wanted to help me to get involved in industry area while talking relaxing having a drink. Suddenly the organiser took me from the table touching me and was going with me in a different place from the meeting point saying to me that he wants to talk to me. Then fast he humiliates me that I smell so ugly when all the people there was so fine with me and never noticed that and then he said that he personally rejected me from group because of this and after he ask me fast like interrogation where do you live what do you do for living and he looks at me as the last human being from planet like a garbage who is about to throw at the next bin in the street. I ask myself: what is the real purpose of this meetings ? When someone in the group tries to help you involving in life having a job the organiser humiliates you in a horrible disgusting way and throw you out like a verm without even doing anything wrong ? This meetings supposed to socialise and eventually making friends helping each other with something and this is how you get treated ? I strongly recommend when you see this organiser NEVER EVER in your lifetime make deals with him in order to join in his groups. BE AWARE."

Nathalie Rud says

"Account got disabled when trying to reply to an offering to be added to a slack channel with short phrase 'Yes, I'd love to, thank you'. It was suggested to be not personal enough and spamming. Spamming in reply to PM???
After a couple of attempts to send it, I was blocked.

Either ridiculous spam filters or other bad underlying reasons, as it happened just after I removed my photo.

No reply from support."

Georgia Rayner says

"Beware auto renewal on your fees. I started a group in March so asked if I could get a refund due to corona virus. No they said. I’ve barely got any members, we’ve never met so the whole purpose has been ruined by COVID and now they’ve auto renewed despite me asking them to cancel and refund me due to inability to use their system."

Nicole Lehmann says

"The groups are great and the concept is fantastic.

Then I started my own group. I'm almost 50 and social media is new to me but even I know I bought a dog, a lemon, a shell.

The website and what it offers is so basic. What perplexes me is the obvious lack of pride they have in their own product. Must be making too much money to care.

I am going to speak to the relevant Government Authorities about them when it comes to their price/refund structure.

Personally, I am going to cancel the debit card they use and get a new one.

Join by all means as a Member. Don't organise a group."

Mike D says

"The experience of meetup events can be really great which is why it's a shame the company is so utterly awful. Apart from woeful and greedy pricing practices, there's no support and the web site is incredibly bug-ridden. The UI is clunky, the experience for group admins is poor. The company is asleep at the wheel, a zombie investment vehicle where no doubt a few execs are bleeding it dry with fat-cat salaries, but it desperately needs to engage with the community of users who it's been studiously ignoring for years. It needs competent developers and customer support. I genuinely hope it closes down, as it's dominance with regards to user numbers prevents a mass migration to any fresh platform, which will happen in a heartbeat once the festering and rancid company that is meetup stop polluting the community events space."

Glenn says

"I had a pretty good experience until I attempted to cancel my meet up group. After I canceled and deleted my meet up group the company sent me an invoice two months later and auto drafted my account. My attempts to respond to them via email was blocked by there system. I believe that they purposely make it difficult to communicate with them. I will not EVER use their service again And I will go out of my way to relate my Negative experience with this company."

Sara Saei says

"I had a very terrible experience with Kevin the host of a meetup group called NBH- Natural Born Hikers. I have reported this to meetup several times but despite all my follow ups, they are just ignoring my messages.

As unreasonable as it may sound, the meetup point of a walk was inside Stratford underground station itself. I travelled there all the way from Edgware road and arrived early, so I left the station. I didn’t even realize that the meetup point was inside the station itself until 15 minutes before the meeting time. The meeting point was very illogical because some people might have travelled by bus or people might have arrived early and just left the station like me, and meeting inside the station meant that I needed to tap in again and pay another fee. I stood inside Stratford bus station outside the underground and started texting the organizer in the group for over 20 minutes explaining the situation and asking him where I can join the group when they exit the station, but he didn’t bother to respond to any of my texts. Then when I called him and explained where I was, he kept asking if I see any flowers and a ship which I didn’t. Stratford is a very large station and the organizer didn’t know where he was nor did he have a clue where I was. He just didn’t know the place and didn’t bother to try and help me out, so he just said I am sorry you need to walk to the stadium yourself! This really annoyed me. I am not local. Didn't know the place and had been waiting there hoping that he would reply to my texts. This had happened because of his mismanagement, but to my surprise, as soon as I started to criticise him for this mismanagement, all of a sudden, he hung up on me!!! Instead of helping me out, he hangs up on me and diverts my calls to his voice mail. I was abandoned in the bus stop with tears in my eyes. The organizer was very rude and irresponsible. Instead of taking responsibility for arranging a meeting point inside the underground station, instead of apologizing and helping me out to find my way to join the group, he hangs up on me! When I reported this in the group, he accused me of shouting at him which first of all was not true. He hung up on me only when I started to criticise him for the terrible organizing point and for him not answering my texts in the group. Even if I had shouted at him, which I didn’t, he was responsible for what had happened and ought to have guided me to join the group which were in the same location where I was. Before hanging up, the only response I heard from him was that other people have found the meeting point!

I reported this very rude and irresponsible organiser to meetup and sent follow ups several times, but meetup has not replied to any of my messages. This was not my first meetup walk. I am doing these walks regularly and I have never seen such unacceptable behaviour by an organizer, and I have never been offended like this.

And he actually called me a liar when I said I had arrived early and left the station when he said "I was here all the time." I had travelled a long way and I have proof for everything. I have my Osyter card which shows the time of my traveling, I have screenshots of all my messages asking him to let me know where I can meet them outside the underground station , and I have history of dialled numbers which show how he offended me and hung up on me, and how he abandoned me in the bus station instead of helping me join the group after having waited so long outside the station."

Glenn says

"I've been an event organizer for more than seven years, and my biggest complaint of is that there is absolutely no way for members or organizers to submit organizational, technical and/or support issues. simply doesn't care. For example a recent problem was that wipes out organizer emails by sending correspondence without content. When we complain, we get a boilerplate message stating basically that is not interested. For the longest time I've wanted to find a competitor for, but none exist. This is why doesn't need to care or comply with fiduciary responsibilities. If you are an organizer, find another platform, if you can."

Betz G says

"Meetup seems like a dream come true! Until you try to use it. I first tried to join a local group and was told I would not be accepted and when I pressed for a reason,I was told the group had "too many women of my age group". What? Ageist and sexist comes to mind but think it's more likely that the organiser was trying to run a hook up site. I finally joined a group and was sort of shy at first so just wanted to browse. Most of the events were quite expensive,with the same clique signing up all the time. In addition to paying for the event,there was often a "fee" to sign up,turning into yearly subscription so there was no choice but to pay. Why would anyone pay 5 quid to go for a walk?? I asked the organiser and she charges for everything so she can "run the group full time"? JOKE! Sending a few emails and turning up on the night isnt a full time job,its taking the Mickey!"

lisa evers (yipyap) says

"There are a few problems with Meetup, as of 2020.

First off, overall, it has segued from being a way for regular people to meet other regular socialize... have a way for OPPORTUNISTS to make money. Now, many meetups are organized by people who want to SELL US something.

Secondly, Meetup fees have greatly increased, and as an ORGANIZER I greatly resent that Meetup has the audacity to expect ME to pay them almost $200 per YEAR, for the 'privilege' to do all the work to organize events for other people? Also, Meetup tells organizers that they can 'ask members to make a small donation' which can help Organizers cover their fees. However, many of us only arrange OCCASIONAL events, and some of us prefer to arrange SMALL, INTIMATE events, versus fake kind of 'networking' or 'millennial dating/mating' events. To cover my $200 ANNUAL fee to Meetup, I'd have to charge about $10 for the few, small events I arrange per year. Most members will NOT want to pay $10 for such an event.

Meetup does nothing but provide and manage an online PLATFORM, which manages itself. There is very little cost to Meetup. They have few employees, but yet, MANY ORGANIZERS, who are each paying them $200 per YEAR.

As an Organizer, and where it takes a good amount of WORK for me to conceive of an event, do the write-up, send out the notice, answer questions from members, then RECONFIRM all the details, and then sometimes show up for my event, only to find many NO-SHOWS, Meetup gives Organizers LITTLE INCENTIVE to stay on as Organizers, and while having to PAY for it at the same time. Give me a break..."

Leonie says

"I am furious with MeetUp.
I joined with a friend as co-organisers.
I logged on to my bank account this evening and saw they'd taken £94 out of my account. There must have been an auto-renew clause when we signed up, which I didn't notice. This is for 6 more month's subscription.
We haven't used the group once due to Coronavirus and I feel we have been completely ripped off.
My account details are linked to the account and I can't remove them as we signed up through my friend's account. Stupid of me to do that.
I've tried to get in touch with MeetUp but the only way of contacting them is online. I've not had any response yet.
Navigating their website to find the right information I need to cancel my subscription, complain, contact someone direct is very difficult.
I feel they do this on purpose to put people off getting in touch.
Very poor customer service"

PJ says

"Meetup is not commited to member's safety. Meetup does not enforce their own guidelines. When reporting a group, they don't do anything. So I perceive all they care about now is getting the group $ fee. I have used meetup for 9+ years or more? This year I joined new group, they posted an event with no information, no location (not even approximate so it could have been anywhere up to 1,000 miles away), no price, no details about what was required to go. Basically the group was an event business, and they wanted you to go to their website to get the information and to sign up. So then there is no record of what group of people you are meeting with on the meetup. The group is basically just an advertisement for the business instead of an actual meetup. I had commented with questions in the meetup, and the organizer did answer those. I didn't sign up, nor didn't report after the 1st event. But after the future events were advertised the same way (all just links to website, no info) ... I reported to meetup group. Of course they haven't done anything. They also don't give you any kind of response when you do report a group. I seen many new groups lately in my notifications that mainly want to operate "off" the grid, just using meetup as an advertisement/link to outside business. Last new group is not planning on having any actual meetups ... just in group description group owner put his phone number and "text/call" me for information. I reported that group also, nothing done. The groups I do continually patronize that have great events I attribute that great quality to the organizers."

Bob-be Maygeek says

"Last 3 years meetup searches do not reveal all meetups that I scheduled.

Accounts get deleted without explanation if the member posts anything negative about a large corporation.

A censoring bot is very active which caused grief when people were trying to get info on how to find the location.

The website is erratic for my role as an event organizer sceduling meetups."

Anna Fergusson says

"I hosted an event for Meet Up on Wednesday. The person who said that they were going to turn up didn’t show up and she did not let me know beforehand. I feel that Meet Up would benefit by having a yearly membership fee because it would prevent no shows and would bar repeat offenders from attending events."

Casey Hughes says

"We have hosted 2 MeetUps for years and did not charge members. Our weekly meditations and yoga classes (offered 3 times weekly) never charged members either. Our membership grew to almost 2000 although most never attended a single meetup. When we imposed a $20 per year Membership, with a 14 day trail period, 99% of our Members dropped out. Not a single one paid the $20 annual membership. MeetUp charges us almost $200 per year. We are no longer going to support MeetUp. It is a true waste of time and energy."

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